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Our cider is 100% pure juice. We make it from sound, ripe apples that have blemishes, or are too small for selling by the bag. All cider apples are washed and scrubbed at least once, and most are washed twice before being ground and pressed.

Our press is a state-of-the-art system with built-in high pressure washers to keep it clean and sanitary. At the end of each day of pressing we completely wash down the mill and sanitize the entire room. This is one of the reasons we think our cider tastes better.

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Did you know that is takes approximately 25 average size apples to make 1 gallon of cider?


Along with the standard variety of apples everyone is familiar with such as Macoun, Red Delicious and McIntosh, we also offer several rare antique varieties. Although these antique variety trees are far less productive, often only bearing fruit every other year and producing apples that are considered "ugly" by today's standards, the apples offer very unique flavors and textures.

Ask us about a special variety you know such as Spitzenberg, Baldwin, Golden Russet or Winesap, chances are we have a tree or two.

Did you know that a bee visits each apple blossom 18 times before the blossom is pollinnated? Once it is pollinated the blossom becomes an apple.

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We offer local, raw honey in two sizes; 1lb and 2lb jars.  The honey comes from hives that are located on Shelton, CT farms and other CT farms.  Some studies have shown that local honey can desensitize residents to seasonal allergies.  We aren’t certain about this but it sure tastes good.


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